The reasons for choosing Arti&Inventive

1 – Customer assistance

We don't use traditional channels such as telephone and fax to communicate, but we rely on it to chat support via Facebook and communication through e-mail.
In this way we are able to guarantee fast and traceable response times, where all your requests remain written and are impossible to create misunderstandings and misunderstandings.

Generally we respond to emails within minutes or at most a few hours, while assistance on Facebook is immediate or in a few tens of minutes.

We know well that many times the contact with a company requires a lot of phone calls, waiting and lack of answers, for this reason we believe a lot in these communication channels.

We are always at your disposal, before, during and after the order, for us your work is as if it were ours!

2 – Order processing methodology

Your order must be perfect.
We guide you in choosing, manufacturing and shipping.

Our products are well described and where any doubt arises, our online assistance is always ready to clarify your doubts.

Furthermore, as soon as the order and the related payment have been forwarded, we will make aprint preview of the work in pdf , which is sent to you via email, where there are simulations, measurements, and further details relating to your product.

This way you have full control over the final actual yield, as you can give approval or propose changes before actual implementation.

Once the order has been sent into production, we keep you updated on any problems, and once everything is finished, we take a photo shoot which you can receive or publish on the site upon request, and We provide careful packaging to avoid damage during transport.

It is really important to us that you follow the work as if you were there, which is why we are always available to update you on all phases.

3 – Experience

You can see it from the photos of our work, tThey all require a lot of experience and expertise to make.

We at Arts&Inventiveness we work from 20 years in the fields of art, graphics, programming and 3D modeling.

There is nothing to hide, you can simulate the costs, see our work already completed, write to us to ask for everything you need, we are here, only and exclusively for you.

4 – Product uniqueness

Our commitment, in addition to offering standard customized products, is to give complete uniqueness to all other creations, which as you can see are unobtainable elsewhere.

5 – The price

Last, but not least, the price.

All our prices are displayed, we don't hide behind a website devoid of any information on costs, because we put ourselves in your shoes, how many times have you visited a website with the classic phrase "contact us for a quote?", we too were disappointed when faced with these barriers, and for this reason everything must be clear from the beginning, to give you the opportunity to immediately compare our proposals with the competition, and check if your budget respects the costs of the product you want.

It's not easy to put a price on a personalized item, but for example it is enough to write about the cost of a standard coin with a personalized 3D portrait: 22€!

Doing this type of work requires a lot of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, after all there is no computer that automatically takes your photo and turns it into 3D.

Instead, behind all this, there is an artist who manually creates the model from a photo, perhaps of low resolution and transforms it into an art object.

You may wonder how this is possible?
It's thanks to:

  • point 1: eliminating the costs of standard communication channels such as telephone and fax,
  • point 2: the efficient organization of order processing
  • point 3: experience allows you to do things well and in less time than someone who pretends to be an expert in our field.

This applies to all other products: from vintage plaques to wooden ones, from 3D portraits to personalized writing: top quality materials, rapid communications, experience, all at a price accessible to anyone! Art and the right to stand out from the crowd belong to everyone, not to a select few!