Terms and conditions


We do not sell ready-made items, for this reason we cannot make returns, since our creations are customized, for this reason for each order a print preview is created which must be approved before proceeding with processing. In any case, we are always happy to refund or redo the work if there are obvious defects that have escaped our control.

Shipping and delivery

By accepting our conditions, you free Arti&Inventive from any liability relating to delivery delays, losses and courier errors, even in the case of purchases using the "express courier" method.
Production times may vary based on the print queue, complexity of the work to be carried out, and other causes not attributable to us, for this reason you accept that Arti&Inventive is not responsible for delays in the production of your order.

Sending the print preview generally takes 1 to 5 business days.

In the event that the print preview is not approved within 3 days of its sending, in the event that you have provided a mobile telephone number, we will try to contact you with a text message, in the event that you do not respond to this also 'last within 2 days, we will consider the processing approved and we will proceed with the creation of the product.

The creation of the product can take up to 10 working days for general jobs, up to 20 working days for large quantities or particularly complex jobs, or which require several finishing phases.


Being an artisanal work, our guarantee is limited to the fact that we only use top quality materials, but in the case of wood, wax or soap, metals, the yield depends on where they will be placed, which is why we always recommend placing the objects in places suitable for them.
There may be imperfections in the paint and materials, or tolerances in dimensions, as being a handcrafted and not industrial work, the finishes and materials may not all be the same or as per the print preview.

Objects with proof/print preview

If you purchase an object that includes the creation of a preview of the model (e.g. personalized coins, writings, portraits, writings), it is possible to accept the preview and continue with the printing, or, if not you are satisfied with the result, request up to three (3) changes or a 50% refund of the amount paid for the requested item.

Disclaimer for use of trademarks/logos

By accepting our conditions you authorize Arti&Inventive to create the purchased product as present in the order and/or print preview, and in the event that it consists of a reproduction of a brand/logo, you declare that you have the authorization/release for the use of the same for your purposes, and exempt Arti&Inventive from any liability relating to copyright. If you have doubts or anything else relating to a registered trademark you can do a search on this site.